At Instyle Tailors we craft custom-tailored uniforms for businesses worldwide to each of their staff member’s individual standards and requirements. We, of course, also take into account the corporate regulations of each of the companies we cater to, as we know how important branding and the first impression is. We make sure to take the exact measurements of each of the staff members for their individual uniform in order to ensure a perfect fit. The measurements can either be submitted to us via our website, using our measurement form, or we can come to measure each staff member individually, directly at the office locations – without interrupting the work. The cost of crafting tailored uniforms is often surprising to our customers, as the perception often is that custom-tailored clothing is expensive. It doesn’t need to be. We can offer our services at competitive costs, and we’ll often even be far cheaper than what local retailers can offer. With custom-tailored clothes from Instyle Tailor you’ll be guaranteed:

  • Fair prices
  • Perfect fit
  • Long endurance
  • High quality workmanship
  • Quality materials

If you’d like to explore the opportunity of having your work uniforms custom-tailored, you should have questions or enquiries about our prices, processes, delivery time estimates, or would like to see samples of uniforms that we have crafted previously.