Our Workmanship

We’re often asked what makes us different from other tailors and we believe it’s our commitment to quality at every stage of tailoring that makes us the best tailor in Patong.


World Class Fabrics

Excellence in tailoring begins with the best possible raw materials. That’s why we source our fabrics from all around the world including 100% cotton material from the best manufacturers in Italy and Egypt, from 1ply 60’s to 2 ply 140s.

Mother of Pearl

Attention to detail is everything in tailoring. That’s what we favor Mother of Pearl buttons which offer a depth of color and shine but are also resistant to dry cleaning products which, over time, can cause damage to some of the cheaper alternatives. All our 2 ply cotton dress shirts come with complimentary Mother of Pearl buttons. Just one more reason why we’re the best bespoke tailor in Patong.


Pre-Shrunk & Easy to Iron Fabrics

All our fabrics are pre-shrunk to make sure after wash shrinking is kept to a minimum. We also treat most of our fabrics with a wrinkle-reducing treatment to make aftercare easier for you and help maintain a perfect fit.



100% Cotton Interlinings

We use 100% cotton interlinings in all collars and cuffs to ensure they remain soft and comfortable while retaining their shape and size.


Single Needle Stitched

One way to spot a high-quality dress shirt is to check if it has a single needle side seam stitching along the sides of the shirt and the bottom of the sleeves. This provides an incredibly tight seam which is narrow and elegant. Only one line of a thread will be visible on the outside of the shirt and the tightness of the seam will ensure no puckering when the shirt is washed and dried.



Clean, Tight Stitching

In general, the stitching throughout the shirt should be straight or smoothly curved. A high-quality dress shirt has at least 18 stitches per inch around the cuffs and collars. At Instyle Tailors we construct our shirts with 24 stitches per inch. At this density, the stitches become virtually invisible and the shirt looks seamlessly elegant.




Customization Options

The sky is the limit with customization. You select the fabrics and colors you want, then add the details that make your bespoke tailored suit unique to you. From the cuffs to the collars, the buttons to monograms, it’s all down to you. Please note there is a small additional cost for monograms.